What will cities be like after the coronavirus?

The COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic has disrupted the plans of people and businesses worldwide. Society has changed its habits regarding personal health and hygiene with others. We have reduced physical contact with those around us and gloves and masks are now every-day items.

But what social changes will there be after the pandemic? What is the future of health safety and hygiene? While scientists look for a vaccine or effective remedy for the virus, the governmental authorities must apply a series of measures to ensure public health and to avoid infections in countries and cities.

Many businesses are purchasing products and material such as hydroalcoholic gels or separation screens to safeguard their employees. The building doors are the first element a person finds when arriving at work. If they are intelligent accesses that open and close without having to touch them with your hands, this helps avoid any infection and spread of the virus.

The effectiveness of automatic sliding doors in offices, industries or residential areas has been proven. The protection of society as a whole starts with the individual.

Businesses in sectors such as retail or horeca are gradually reopening their premises and must also adapt their accesses. They must also establish a capacity control that guarantees there are no crowds. In the near future, the uncertainty and fear of opening a door with your hand on a handle will be extremely high. Automatic doors offer an essential, necessary alternative.

Initiatives such as Cities for Global Health are already working on studying a series of social changes that are soon to be applied. As they explain on their website, "the global crisis generated by the COVID-19 outbreak is pushing cities of all shapes to give immediate answers to an emergency that is seriously threatening not only citizens’ health, but the social cohesion, the economy and the infrastructures of our territories".

The behaviour of society is new in many aspects. We must all work together to improve people’s quality of life and everyone’s health.


Which accessories can help avoid the coronavirus in cities?

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