Automatic doors with solar panels. What is a solar kit?

As is generally known, photovoltaic solar panels absorb energy from sun light and generate electricity. The installation of solar panels is viewed as an action that promotes clean energy and caring for the environment and planet.

But is it possible to operate an automatic door with solar energy? The straightforward answer is yes. The user just requires a battery to store all the energy produced by the sunlight and then employs it to open the automatic doors.

Although the doors can only be opened and closed a limited number of times using this 100% clean energy system, it still translates into some help and cost savings on the electricity bill, besides favouring energy efficiency.

The solar kit

There are already solar power kits on the market for supplying energy to the motors used in automatic doors. One of the most popular locations for using these systems are garages, because garage doors are not in constant motion, which means the motor does not need as much energy to open and close. They are often used in private homes such as villas and cottages.

In recent years, automation, which is the ability to manage different spaces and technologies via a remote control, tablet or smartphone, has also been introduced in both private homes and office buildings. Typical glass sliding doors that are often found leading to patios and roof terraces can also be actioned using a kit that collects and distributes solar energy.

Additionally, there are other types of automatic door such as swing or sliding models whose operation lends itself well to the use of solar energy. Solar energy systems are already used to action doors weighing 400, 600 and even 1,000 kilograms. In this regard, prices and voltages vary according to each customer’s needs.

Some users, such as the owners of rural properties with enclosed spaces for animals, for example, chicken coops, have installed a solar kit to open and close different doors.
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