Energy efficiency in homes and apartment blocks

All levels of society are gradually beginning to fully appreciate sustainability and the environment. Large companies were the first to create departments or areas dedicated to corporate social responsibility which are involved in activities associated with caring for the environment such as energy efficiency.

This not only improves the companies’ image in society, but also helps them achieve long-term energy savings in offices and work centres.

Many companies, for instance, have decided to install automatic doors in their offices, as they help prevent large temperature differences which can result in greater energy expenditure. The most commonly used system is the standard sliding door, which can be found in dozens of spaces such as shopping centres, hospitals, hotels, etc.

This model features a bi-parting or side-opening and corresponds to the most popular and functional automatic door. It is a very practical design and brings significant energy savings in spaces with a high circulation of people.

Energy efficiency in the home

However, companies are not alone in opting for energy efficiency strategies in recent years. More and more property developers and architects are including an energy-saving strategy in their designs and projects for both single-family homes and apartment blocks.

To this end, many are installing standard sliding doors in communal spaces or lobby entrances. Besides the standard design, the following models are also popular:

In order to comply with existing legislation, including the Energy Performance Certificate, we have seen how sustainability has gradually been implemented in almost every facet of daily life.

As we are all aware, this certificate is compulsory for all homes. It defines the energy characteristics of a block of apartments through a classification ranging from A, corresponding to the most energy-efficient buildings, to G, for the least energy-efficient homes.

Energy efficiency in household appliances

These certificates have become so commonplace that they can even be found on household appliances such as washing machines, refrigerators, dishwashers and microwaves. The increasing awareness of energy saving is reaching every possible level.

Protecting the environment is one of the general public’s biggest concerns and most societies hope that in the future our world can rely on clean, renewable energy.
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