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The Visio+ EI motor group is equipped with a mechanical closing system consisting of a counterweight that closes the door in case of a power malfunction or if fire alarm is activated. Therefore, the door remains closed to prevent flames or gases from spreading.

In the event of a fire, when the fire directly reaches the enclosure, the intumescent materials come into action and seal the door

The operator together with the E30 or EI60 glass leaves guarantee fire integrity for 30 minutes (E30) as well as fire integrity and insulation for 60 minutes (EI60).

  • It features IoT technology, for the connectivity and remote control of the door.
  • Motor group comprising 2 gear motors, allowing the move heavy leaves
  • The height of the chassis is 125 mm
  • Maximum weight of 220 Kg per leaf for bi-parting opening 
  • Maximum weight of 300 Kg per leaf for side opening.
  • Opening speed 0.7 m/s
  • The Visio+ operators range features a durability certificate for 5 million cycles according to Standard UNE 16361:2014+A1:2017.
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Visio +

Visio+ EI

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