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Visio+ 125

Visio+ 125 is characterised by its inverter technology and its design, as well its versatility, flexibility and safety. Highlighted as being one of the operators with the fastest opening speed on the market, with a pure and compact design, customisable in a wide range of finishes.

  • It features IoT technology, for the connectivity and remote control of the door.
  • Motor group comprised of 2 motors belt and electronics.
  • Direct drive operator
  • The height of the chassis is 125 mm
  • Maximum weight of 120 Kg per leaf for bi-parting opening 
  • Maximum weight of 160 Kg per leaf for side opening.
  • Opening speed 1 m/s
  • The Visio+ 125 operator is certified for a durability of 5 million cycles according to Standard UNE 16361:2014+A1:2017.


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Visio +

Visio+ 125

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