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Advantages of installing automatic doors in a rural guest house

casa rural puertas automaticas automatic doors

The presence of rural guest houses in many places around the world has increased over recent years. These are tourist accommodations located in areas away from the cities, where visitors can spend a few days of rest and relaxation in contact with nature and far from the noise and the hustle and bustle of the major cities.

Many of these rural guest houses have had to be restored. A great many of them are houses that were lived in decades ago, and that were fully or partially abandoned by their inhabitants to go to live in cities with better connections and possibilities of employment.

Now, a significant number of these buildings have been given a second life, with different types of architectural projects to restore them. Many architects offer the possibility of including automatic doors at the entrances to the house and in the indoor areas, which provides great facilities for both the owners and the guests. This gives an avant-garde, high- technology design that is of the utmost comfort for people.

Automatic doors for rural guest houses, guaranteed accessibility

Which are the best smart accesses for a rural guest house? We must highlight automatic sliding doors, whether they are bi-parting, side-opening or telescopic, which can be installed at the entrance to the house. On their arrival, guests will not have to push or pull the handle of a manual door while they are loaded up with luggage. The door will open thanks to a movement or presence sensor. Any guests in a wheelchair will be thankful for this elimination of architectural barriers, and will see this rural guest house as somewhere they will return to in the future.

As well as at the entrance to the building, automatic doors can be installed at the exit to the garden or at the access to the dining area or the lounge. This will divide the different areas of the rural guest house, giving it an appearance and feeling of modernity and comfort that guests will appreciate. All the glass in the leaves of the doors can include a design personalised with the name of the room and the logo of the rural guest house. Furthermore, different accessories can be installed, such as the Optima Prox+ touchless switch, which allows for a door to be opened simply by bringing your hand close to it, without having to touch the switch.

Do you have a rural guest house and want to improve the experience of your guests? Manusa automatic doors guarantee your guests enjoy a better break. Contact us now and our team will help you with the design, manufacturing and installation of smart accesses in your business.

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