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Leaves for automatic doors

Manusa’s leaves for automatic doors are manufactured with the best materials on the market to guarantee their high quality and perfect functionality with any of our motorization models.

Types of Leaf for Manusa Hermetic Doors for Clean Rooms

Manusa hermetic doors for clean rooms can be made from stainless-steel leaves or high pressure laminated (HPL) leaves.  The stainless-steel leaves for hermetic doors can be of AISI-304 and AISI-316 quality, the latter being especially suitable for corrosive or saline environments. The high pressure laminated (HPL) leaves for hermetic doors have the central part of the leaves impregnated with phenolic resins, and the exterior leaves impregnated with mainly melamine resins. This material is characterised by a hygienic and low porosity decorative surface. It is also possible to combine the finish in stainless steel and HPL.

What Types of Leaves Does Manusa Have?

Manusa has different types of leaves; transparent leaves can have one single upper profile or upper and lower profiles. These types of leaves offer maximum transparency and are the most suitable for areas where a large display is required, such as at the entrance to shops. On the other hand, we have framed leaves with profiles of different thicknesses, that meet the different requirements for hermeticity required by the customer. Finally, we have leaves for special solutions, such as panic break out profiles, panels specially designed for medical-health environments, and glazed hermetic leaves for ICUs.

Manusa Leaves with Thermal Break (RPT)

Manusa has an enclosed aluminium door leaf with thermal break for centrally and side opening automatic sliding doors. The door leaves have been designed to achieve greater energy efficiency, as they incorporate in their profiles the RPT system, offering improved thermal insulation in the transfer of temperature between the outside/inside, as well as better acoustic insulation.