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The Best Automatic Access Systems for Pet Shops

puerta automatica tienda de animales mascotas automatic door in pet shop animals

Millions of people around the world think of their pets as another member of the family. They use all kinds of resources to make sure their lives are better within the home.

The best places to find accessories for our pets are pet shops, which can be found in the streets of any city and in shopping malls. They sell products such as food, clothing, beds, collars, carriers, bowls, health and hygiene products or accessories of all kinds.

We must remember that customers will often bring their pet to the shop, and they require the greatest comfort. The shops work constantly on offering the best experience to the people and animals that enter the premises. A large space, with clean shelves, good prices and friendly staff will make owners of dogs, cats, birds, fish or tortoises not only shop but also come back again soon to purchase new products for their preferred animals.

Access to the pet shop is extremely important, as it will be the first thing customers see when they arrive. Automatic doors have become an element of innovation, design and good reputation in thousands of properties around the world. Having an intelligent access will improve several aspects such as energy efficiency, as there will be no sudden changes in temperature or unpleasant drafts, or the fight against viruses and bacteria because customers and staff will not have to touch the entrance and exit doors with their hands, thus avoiding infection.

The Best Automatic Doors for the Movement of Animals

The types of Manusa automatic doors for pet shops include:

As well as the entrance and exit, other areas that might also require automated access must also be considered. Manusa offers sliding doors with a panic break-out system, fire resistant, industrial or personnel control and access systems.

Do you have an animal welfare business? Don't hesitate and install intelligent accesses. Contact us now and we will advise you.