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The best automatic doors for restaurants

How often have you arrived at the entrance to a restaurant, pulled or pushed a door open and then had to repeat the process? Many bars and restaurants have a double door, either due to the layout of their entrance or because it helps maintain the HVAC inside the premises.

This method has changed thanks to automatic doors. The transition towards automatically-operating accesses without the need for a customer to do anything is increasingly commonplace, although this remains a slow process.

Which are the best automatic doors? The most popular are the standard sliding door, the telescopic sliding door and the automatic swing door. The latter is recommended more for hotels than for restaurants.

All these products are excellent at improving the energy efficiency of the facilities and, therefore, have a positive and sustainable impact on environmental care. Furthermore, given the possibility of designing, producing and installing large transparent leaves, the owners, customers and employees will gain a great deal of outdoor light.

Automatic door for the kitchen of a restaurant

Not only is the entrance door to the restaurant important. The quality of work life of the employees of a restaurant, café, pub or bar must also be considered. Making it easier for waiters to move between the kitchen and the front of house is a good action that will improve the professional health of the employees.

An automatic door can also be installed at the entrances to the toilet or the storage room, or even the emergency exits in the building. These doors can be activated using remote control systems, photocells, movement switches or remote controls. The safety of people is as important if not more so that their comfort as they have breakfast, lunch or dinner.

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