The effectiveness of automatic sectional doors

When discussing doors relating to the industrial sector, a mention must be made to automatic sectional doors. Industrial units and all types of factory benefit from this type of entrance in their facilities.

They are safe and silent, and provide effective insulation with a maximum security sealed close that insulates the inside space. But not only its features are important. It also stands out for its appearance, the hallmark of the Manusa brand, which manufactures this type of products based on an optimised design to offer the most convenient entrance with reduced visual impact in the space where it is installed.

Sectional doors have several features that make them very effective. They open vertically, their seals are flexible at joints with hinges and sides to ensure complete closure. At Manusa, we seek to ensure each project can be unique for each customer, which is why doors can be customised for the use they are to be given. For example, they may include small windows or a glazed door can be produced so that it can be clearly seen through. Thanks to their continuous reinforcing plates, they are extremely durable.

There are several different product finishes for the door panel. This may be a horizontally grooved panel, a panel of quarter panels, or an imitation wood panel and stainless steel panel. Automatic sectional doors can also be installed in a wide range of RAL colours and an extensive scale of measurements to ensure they blend in perfectly with the architectural space of the building where they are installed.

But not only in industry, automatic sectional doors can also be installed in shops, hotels and residential areas. A real guarantee of effectiveness.
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Juan Pérez
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