PJ Exchange Offices - PJX – Malaysia

Location Petaling Jaya, Malasia
Sector Offices
Solutions bi-parting sliding doors
One of the most important aspects of day-to-day work is the environment in which
employees carry out their job. The lighting, colours, smells and distribution of an office
can change the attitude, behaviour and performance of the people who carry work in

How do automatic doors help in office buildings?

Manusa installed central opening doors with transparent leaves (Bi-parting sliding
doors) in a high-profile office building located in Petaling Jaya (Malaysia): the PJ
Exchange, internationally known as PJX.

It is the new iconic office building of Petaling Jaya (PT). The tower of steel and glass has
33 floors and is the tallest in the city, located within the Central Business District of the
city. With class A energy certification, this office block has become a symbol of
sustainable development when it comes to construction building.

Manusa doors, installed along with Bansho, not only allow the fluid entry and exit of
people, but are also a good means to maintaining the temperature between the
interior and exterior of the building, reducing the need of overloading the air
conditioning equipment.

Manusa works so that its products can be installed and benefited from in offices
around the world. To that end, three large spaces are distinguished according to their

Firstly, the entrances and exits of the building. In these areas, sliding, curved or
rotating automatic doors are installed, as well as access control systems. We take into
account that it is a place of high traffic flow in which it is necessary to facilitate
mobility and provide distinction.

Secondly, sectioning of spaces are considered. Different spaces are created without
creating barriers, integrating the products into the environment, helping mobility and
temperature control. Here we would find sliding and telescopic doors.
In a third space of the building we would find the evacuation zones. This is where
automatic doors with an integral panic mechanism are installed to facilitate a quick
and safe evacuation in case of emergency.
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