Lead-lined automatic doors for X-ray rooms

One of the sectors to have most implemented automatic door systems in its facilities and buildings is the health sector. Clinics, health centres and hospitals have an increasing number of automatic access for the convenience of patients and their relatives.

To avoid the negative connotations of visiting healthcare facilities, these health areas are pleasantly decorated to make reception and waiting rooms more reminiscent of a hotel. This seeks to make the patient’s stay as least traumatic as possible.

As well as the accesses connecting the street and the building, there are health areas that, given their characteristics, must have high safety conditions, such as the rooms used for X-rays.

Manusa designs, produces and installs lead-lined doors for X-ray rooms. The high quality of the materials and of the professionals who create this type of product guarantee complete insulation. To do so, extensive knowledge in engineering is combined with the design of the door.

Personalisation is also applicable to this model and, for example, the door can be hermetic or not, side opening or bi-parting, with a viewing panel with a camera or with lead-lined glass. All of this respecting the utmost conditions of safety and hygiene at all times. With regard to this last point, the possibility of installing a connection with the fire alarm must also be noted.

Accessories for lead-lined doors

Photocells can also be installed for greater safety, remote control program switches, touchless switches, elbow push buttons

There is complete insulation as the leaf has two lead-lined layers each measuring one millimetre in thickness, which overlap with the lead insertions in the walls of the X-ray room. This ensures the utmost safety of the radiologists and doctors, as their every-day work means that they are constantly exposed to harmful radiation.
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