Manusa will present their proactive automatic doors at the BAU 2019 Trade Fair

The world evolves at the same rate as technology. Yesterday’s novel invention will probably be outdated by tomorrow. This situation also affects the automatic door industry.

Everyday, Manusa strives to ensure they remain at the forefront of the technological world. Thanks to this effort, we continue leading the market with products such as our “smart” doors. Featuring ELK-CI01 electronics, which can be considered the brain of these new products, the latest innovation has arrived in the sector.

This electronic system, accompanied by a series of complements and accessories, changes the concept of automatic doors as we know it. It goes beyond that of a door which simply opens and closes. The installation of ELK-CI01 bestows products with artificial intelligence.

Until now, users were accustomed to sliding, revolving or swing doors that started moving when a motion sensor was activated, but this new technology does not have to wait until a person completes an action, instead the product will act by itself.

Through the use of intelligent sensors, the Internet of Things (IoT), images, information or users’ senses, the doors will open or close through proactive actions that will simplify life for humans.

The ELK-CI01 electronic system processes a series of preset algorithms and is capable of learning the users’ habits in order to anticipate events and interact with them.

This results in a unique experience on a par with the systems implanted in sectors such as the automotive industry or digital communication.

In addition to the intelligent electronics system, Manusa products fitted with ELK-CI01 can be complemented with new physical solutions such as fire compartmentalisation door leaves, thermal breaks or explosion resistance.

Manusa at the sector’s most important trade fair

We shall present these innovations at the BAU 2019 trade fair in Munich, Germany, January 14–19. We shall occupy a magnificent information booth where attendees can learn about this new technology through various sensory experiences that are sure to impress everyone.

The BAU is the world’s leading trade fair for architecture, materials and construction systems. Since its creation in 1964, BAU has proven to be the industry’s most international and efficient networking and business platform.

Held every 2 years, exhibitors present practical innovations and intersectoral solutions for the commercial, residential and interior design of new constructions and existing buildings. The innovative ideas are then implemented in thousands of constructions across the five continents.

The numbers associated with the BAU trade fair speak for themselves. In the 2017 edition, there were 2,120 exhibitors from 45 countries, 16 areas for presenting the latest advances and over 250,000 visitors. Turkey, Russia and China were among the 10 non-European countries at the fair. Some of the most notable European countries were Germany, Austria, Italy and Switzerland. The fair also started to receive visitors from South Korea, USA and India.

Manusa will host a booth in Munich and present the sector with all our advances. The attendees, including dozens of architects, designers and suppliers, will have the opportunity to discover our entire catalogue of products and services.

In January 2019, Manusa will present automatic and industrial doors, access control systems, transport products, accessories, drive unit systems and a variety of door leaf designs as part of their innovative offer in Germany.

Many of these products are already being employed in hospitals, shopping centres, airports, offices and homes in over 80 countries worldwide.
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