Manusa. Opening doors to the future to get closer to you

It’s the start of a new year and we are starting with a new mark. This rebranding provides an up-to-date reflection of our purpose and reinforces our commitment to our clients, distributors and partners.

Since our foundation, we have always worked at the cutting-edge of advances and changes in society. At Manusa we have a solid reputation that has allowed us to create not only a unique, distinctive identity, but also to convey the values that influence our corporate culture.

Through such actions, our corporate culture has helped us transmit a company philosophy that sets out the course we must follow to achieve our goals and obtain success.

We are currently leaders in the creation, design and development of all kinds of intelligent accesses and automatic doors. Thanks to a determined commitment to innovation and technology we put our expertise to work in installations found in every corner of the globe. We accommodate the latest market trends and open doors to the future, thereby getting even closer to society.

Innovation is one of our day-to-day standards. We value and encourage the ability to imagine revolutionary spaces and accesses. We use state-of-the-art technology that optimises all of our processes and the generation of intelligent solutions. Therefore, we can open new doors and go beyond boundaries, while bearing in mind that collaboration and creativity will always be the keys to innovation.


We enjoy taking on new challenges and avoid standing still in the comfort zone. This rebranding exercise is evidence of this attitude. We work on all sorts of projects alongside architects, construction companies and end customers. We know that striving for new goals is the only way of promoting creativity and acquiring the ability to offer an exclusive solution to each project.

At Manusa we are open to the whole world thanks our presence in more than 80 countries. We have exclusive distributors that have completed our training courses to guarantee outstanding customer support and service.

People are our main asset and the backbone of our strategy. This is how we maintain our international prowess and prestige. Our employees are our primary asset. We work day in, day out to attract the best professional talent to our company.

At Manusa we embrace the future to remain close to you.

Open to the future, close to you.
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Juan Pérez
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