Tips for repairing automatic doors

Automatic doors are very useful in all types of buildings. They facilitate the access and transit of people and vehicles, obtaining a great experience for the users. But how can we repair an automatic door if it stops working or gets stuck in its movement?

In most cases, we will face a problem with the engines. It can happen that the motorization of the door is damaged and must be revised or replaced. For this, we advise contacting the technical service of the brand, which will be qualified for that task. It is not recommended to entrust this task to anyone with simple knowledge.

The technical service will take care of the repair of the engine. There may be several cases. For example, that the door jams, that the motion sensor does not respond or that the remote control system has stopped working.

Whether it is a swing, roll-up or sliding door model, it is essential to contact the technical assistance service so as not to enlarge the problem with a bad or erroneous repair. Manusa's technicians are qualified professionals who will use the best materials and tools for the arrangement. In addition, the presence of the brand in more than 80 countries demonstrates their professionalism and dedication.

Manusa professionals will inspect the status of the door and its engine and examine its adjustments to resolve the incident.

The maintenance of the automatic doors, when having electrical elements, is necessary every so often. It is not enough to install the door and forget. According to the number of people who cross this type of access, constant openings and closures require the technical service to review the products.

A preventive review to avoid problems is recommended. The key to everything working correctly is that the facility manager of the company, whether it is a shopping center, offices, hospital, industry or hotel, the property manager if it is a community of neighbors, or a particular that have some of these products in home, be aware of periodic reviews to prevent the door from opening correctly.
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