Visio+, the new Manusa operator with built-in IoT technology

The contemporary company is increasingly automating its processes. The development of mobile technologies and the Internet of Things (IoT) means that a technical process that would have seemed crazy several decades ago is now a normal, natural event.

One of the elements we use almost every day are the automatic doors in office buildings, supermarkets, restaurants, hospitals or airports. More and more areas where people move around are choosing to eliminate their manual doors and install intelligent accesses.

On implementing this type of product, Manusa presents a complete, multi-purpose solution for access automation. This solution is the Visio+ Operator, which makes sure that the user experience when crossing the threshold of an automatic door is more satisfactory and more in line with the unstoppable technological evolution.

Automatic doors and the Internet of Things

Visio+ has built-in IoT technology, for the connectivity and remote control of the automatic door. This is an easy to install operator that adapts to all environments and is safe, versatile and flexible. It includes a series of additional functions via a smartphone that make it simpler and more function to use and control.

Its connectivity, which is compatible with Doorwifi Virtual Access, makes the administration and management of intelligent accesses safer and remote using virtual keys.

Thanks to the ESAT 2.0 software, the door can be updated remotely with new software versions and the customer can contact the Manusa Technical Service directly and remotely, thus offering permanent communications in the event of any incidents.

Faster, safer doors

This innovative, new operator can be installed on bi-parting and side-opening automatic sliding doors; and with a standard or telescopic configuration. It has three versions of drive unit: Visio+ 100, Visio+ 125 and Visio+ 125HD, the features and measurements of which adapt to all construction requirements, offer the best dynamic traits, and offer great energy savings.

Its technology ensures the automatic doors are the fastest in the market thanks to its extremely powerful motor group and sophisticated technology. What is more, Visio+ offers a uniquely smooth and silent movement over its track, and is fitted with side safety switches to make entrapment impossible.

Visio+ is also compatible with the entire range of Manusa door leaves and other commercial leaves; it can be connected with building automation and control systems; and can be used with people counting and control systems. An innovative, state-of-the- art product of the 21st century.
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