The importance of automatic doors in cultural spaces

Mankind has been interested in culture since time immemorial. Our capacity to acquire and implement culture is what defines us and sets up apart from all other animal species. Over the centuries, particularly thanks to its distribution through the printed press, culture has reached more and more levels of society.

This social interest for culture meant that cultural spaces to share knowledge have gradually been created, either in the form of museums, universities, libraries or art galleries.

Although the first automatic door dates back to 1 A.D., the technological advances of the past few centuries have made this entrance system fully standardised and implemented in places where culture is primordial.

But how important are they? Several characteristics make automatic doors fundamental for cultural spaces.

Silence is essential in avoiding distractions while studying in a library or looking at a painting in a museum. A silent automatic door will prevent those enjoying culture from being distracted. Remember, for example, that a door opened manually can bang when shut or its hinges can may an annoying sound when it moves.

Another key point is the fluid movement of people. Think about the entrances to a large theatre or an exhibition hall with a large influx of visitors, for example. Automation will prevent the doors from staying open by accident and will make sure the air conditioning system does not have to work overtime and waste energy.

At present, a main entrance with automatic doors denotes modernity. Culture is often avoided by the new generations, who prefer the screen of a smartphone to a painting by a Renaissance artist. Changing the concept that youngsters have of culture also involves this type of details.
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Juan Pérez
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