Automatic doors in the new normal

Some countries are gradually returning to their routine after the worst times of the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic. Although everyone is on the lookout for the so- called new outbreaks, the new normal as it is being called is already becoming part of social conversations.

Offices, businesses, areas linked to passenger transport and common-interest developments, among other places, have already adapted to this new way of life in which we must wear masks, keep social distancing, and wash our hands with hydroalcoholic gel to avoid infection.

Automatic doors and intelligent accesses go a long way in helping look after the health of society. Not having to push a door or turn a door handle to enter or exit a room or a building is a guarantee. Many companies have decided to install doors that operate automatically by way of a movement or touchless switch. Systems such as the Optima Prox+ Touchless switch is a good example of how technology can help in busy places.

Technology is a great help in the new normal

There are also approved capacity control systems that are effective in ascertaining how many people are in a certain place at a specific time and in avoiding crowds and, therefore, the risk of infection if anyone is ill or asymptomatic.

The new normal might last several months or years. The uncertainty regarding this virus or others that might appear means that the health authorities and society as a whole remain on permanent alert. Intelligent door opening and closing products help ensure our peace of mind. You can never be too careful.
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Juan Pérez
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