Manusa contactless accessories: technology, safety and hygiene to cope with COVID-19

Manusa, the leading company in automatic doors and intelligent accesses, continues with its commitment in light of the health situation caused by the COVID-19 coronavirus. It therefore advocates the implementation of technological accessories that require no physical contact in their use.

Manusa has several contactless solutions. On one hand, there are touchless sensors that allow for a door to be opened without touching any kind of button, switch or handle. On the other, there are motion sensors that detect the presence of a person and open the door automatically.

Safety is also important to Manusa, and the installation of a hybrid sensor will not only allow for the door to open but will also detect the presence of people or objects, keeping the door open whenever they are on the threshold, even if they remain immobile.

A side safety sensor can also be installed, which detects people or objects, and keeps the door in a safe position while they remain in the area of risk, even if they remain immobile. This is an innovative sensor for the protection of pedestrians in the door opening area, especially in the case of children, the elderly, the disabled, or people with reduced mobility.

For this type of device to operate optimally, regular maintenance inspections are essential so that automatic door and intelligent access technicians can detect and solve any eventualities. Manusa Service has an experienced team of professionals responsible for performing the appropriate maintenance inspections to keep all the parts of the automatic door in the best condition and avoid any faults due to their use.

Therefore Manusa Service provides its customers with maintenance contracts to extend the working life of the automatic doors and that offer extensive service times. Furthermore, all spare parts used by the company for maintenance are original and are permanently in stock.
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Juan Pérez
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