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Automatic reversible corridors are our response to the need to manage safe pedestrians transit during access to public transport; having an effective validator that allows a comfortable passage to these spaces is essential for the flow of traffic. Our team has developed validators that focus their design on functionality, working for the users’ comfort. Furthermore, we look to provide maximum security, our validators are prepared for all types of incidents such as power failures or the appearance of obstacles in transit. The automatic reversible corridors also have low consumption and require almost no maintenance. Manusa automatic reversible corridors feature a durable and resistant design. However, this does not mean that we cannot adapt the needs of each client, our validators are prepared for all types of readers. Since the use of this product is designed for surfaces where a high number of people constantly pass, these automatic reversible lanes have been developed to be effective, specifically the speed, smoothness and quietness throughout its operation.


Opening Automatic opening in case of power failure.
Facility Suitable for any public transport facility
Integration Suitable for any validation system
Design Robust and functional design.
Security Security photocells and fraud control detected by BUS Manusa.
Detection High security obstacle detection with independent reopening


Stainless steel


Manusa accessories that can be used


The reversible automatic lanes are a specific solution developed by Manusa for the different public transport spaces that, due to their flexibility and reliability, represent the perfect tool for managing and controlling pedestrians transit. They are, therefore, useful in subway or rail systems, funiculars and rack trains, buses, port terminals and APMs (automated people movers).


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Frequently asked questions about automatic reversible corridors

What variations are available for automatic reversible corridors?

Both the standard and PMR models (people with reduced mobility) are modular, so they can be installed in any configuration. The sliding leaves, available in heights of 900–1,800 mm, can be installed with the following variations: single slide right or left opening, bi-parting and mixed bi-parting.

Automatic reversible corridors or ticket gates are completely safe systems, as they are equipped with at least 19 photocells (but can accommodate up to 32) that closely monitor the transit corridor to ensure no pedestrians are trapped, while also preventing the passage of users who lack a valid ticket. The systems incorporate LED pictogram indicators and a panic break-out system that automatically opens the leaves in the event of a power cut or if it receives an alarm signal (so it can be used as an evacuation route).