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Speed gate with one-way swing panels are the safest solution for controlling access to areas with limited or restricted access or where strict control measures are required. Ideal for control points at airports and sea ports, it is an intelligent solution to improve the effectiveness and experience of passengers during entry and exit, such as boarding areas. Their design allows for the integration of access control by others and of biometric systems in line with the required specifications. The flow of users is guarantees by switches, light information, and combined obstacles to ensure only one passenger can pass at a time.


They are made of stainless steel, polycarbonate and glass.


It has been especially designed to meet security needs at airports, sea terminals, or railway stations and public transport infrastructures in general, as well as other areas with similar demands, such as public buildings.


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Frequently asked questions about speed gate with one-way swing panels

What advantages do speed gate with one-way swing panel offer?

Speed gate with one-way swing panel permit free movement without compromising passenger security and comfort. Furthermore, Manusa offers collaboration and support for your technical specialists from project conception to installation, besides our usual technical and maintenance service.

They are typically installed as passenger entry and exit control points within airport and port terminals, in boarding areas, for example. Passenger movement is controlled quickly and efficiently, without the need for any personnel.