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Automatic door accessories and mechanisms

Our accessories are designed to enhance the functionality of each of our doors. The Manusa automatic door mechanisms allow a better user experience.

How Manusa Sensors Improve Safety for Users

To improve access safety, Manusa offers two options: side safety infrared sensors, and movement and presence hybrid opening sensor. The side safety infrared sensor detects people or objects, and keeps the door in a safe position while they remain in the area of risk, even if they remain immobile. The hybrid safety sensor substitutes the standard opening sensor. It detects the movement of objects that approach the door, making it close quicker. Also, it keeps the door open when it detects a person or object, if these are located on the threshold of the door, even if they are not moving.

Does Manusa Have Any Contactless Accessories?

Yes, Manusa has a wide variety of contactless accessories that can be combined to find the most suitable solution to the accessibility, safety and hygiene needs of any project or space. Proximity sensors that prevent contact when opening and closing the doors, motion sensors that allow the door to open automatically without contact, motion and safety sensors that support detection and activation functions of the door, and identification systems that enable the door to open by means of personal identification.

Accessories that Contribute to Creating a Safe Access

At Manusa, we have a wide range of automatic and manual locks for our doors that adapt to meet the specific needs of each solution. As an automatic door mechanism, we offer locks for doors located in evacuation routes; remote unlock mechanisms, with the possibility of being operated by a key; batteries that guarantee correct operation even in the event of a power cut, and access management from a mobile app.

If you want to know more about our Manusa accessories, please contact our commercial team.