Aluminium high-speed roll-up door for indoor areas


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The aluminium high-speed roll-up door for indoor areas has been designed to provide the most effective and functional solution with high-safety features and cutting-edge technology for sectorizing interior areas. Its lacquered aluminium structure and a wide range of optional finishes make it a practical door, with an elegant, agile, silent and fully automatic design capable of isolating areas safely. Thanks to its elegant design, the lacquered aluminium high-speed roll-up door for indoor areas is an ideal solution for all stages of internal handling of goods, without having to sacrifice its high-security features and technology. The control panel to operate the door has been specially designed for industrial environments with high frequency of passage, both people and merchandise.


Speed Highest opening speed on the market
Strenght Wind resistance thanks to the reinforced horizontal bars
Canvas curtain Fire-retardant self-extinguishing M2
Security Tread plate base to avoid slips


Lacquered aluminium structure, which allows an anodized finish or lacquered RAL. Different curtain colours or customised with screen printing options. Options of including customised vision panels in different sizes and positions.


Thanks to the great versatility of the aluminium roll-up door for internal areas, it can be installed in a wide number of sectors, such as laboratories, food storages, hospitals, airports, warehouses, etc.


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