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The high-speed roll-up door for ATEX areas can compartmentalise explosive atmospheres up to Class II 2G where flammable gases, vapours or combustible powder are handled. The high-speed roll-up door for ATEX areas has been designed to separate explosive areas. To do this, it is fitted with a system comprising an ATEX motor that eliminates electrical risks, and an anti-static safety fabric. Developed to include the maximum number of safety devices for ATEX areas, it covers a wide range of openings. Its versatility means it is able to adapt to the needs of each project thanks to its different configurations.


Explosive atmosphere It can separate explosive atmospheres up to 2.2G
Door panel Flame-proof, self-extinguishing and antistatic security canvas
Customizable Personalized design according to operating mode and location
Automation Features an ATEX motor.
Activation Operated by interior and exterior push buttons.
Security Unlocking lever in case of power failure.

Technical specifications

  • Maximum dimensions: 4500 x 4500 mm
  • Indoors and outdoors use
  • Wind resistance: Class 2
  • Structure lacquered steel in RAL colour (to be determined)
  • Opening speed: fixed 0.7 / 0.7m / second

Optional equipment

  • Motor cover: yes
  • Silk screening on fabric: yes (please check)
  • Other systems opening: radars, sensors, ceiling handles, magnetic field


RAL 1018
RAL 5031
RAL 7166
RAL 3056
RAL 3020


Thanks to their small size and airtightness, they offer a perfect resistance to air making them ideal for laboratories, hospitals, and factories with areas where there is an accumulation of gases.


  • Obligatory European rule EN-13241-1
  • 98/37/EEC concerning machines’ security
  • 89/336/EEC concerning electromagnetic compatibility
  • 73/23/EEC concerning low voltage
  • 89/106/EEC concerning building products


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Frequently asked questions about high-speed roll-up doors for ATEX areas

What is an ‘ATEX area’?

ATEX is an abbreviation that means ‘Explosive Atmosphere”; therefore, an ATEX area is one where there is a concentration of gases or dust in the atmosphere, which may trigger an explosion. In many production processes, the materials used day to day are considered dangerous because their concentration may cause explosions. In these cases, the high-speed doors must have antistatic fabrics, motors, control cabinet, buttons, etc. that completely eliminate electrical contact sparks.

Safety mechanisms include a safety photocell integrated into the side guide, and a sensor strip on the lower part of the fabric which, should an obstacle be detected, it will raise the door and not allow it to descend until the area is clear.

This is where, in atmospheric conditions, gas, vapour, mist or dust flammable substances mix with air and, following ignition, the combustion spreads to the entire unburned mixture. The ATEX door can section off explosive atmospheres up to type II 2.G