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With a unique design, Manusa blast resistant sliding doors are entirely glazed, automated and with systems designed to guarantee the safety of all types of commercial, residential or private establishments. Their size allows maximum opening space and enables fully customizable measurements, finishes and colours. They are designed specifically to protect and guarantee the safety of people in the event of any explosions, both accidental and intentional. Available as a single-leaf or bi-parting sliding door, both with all the features and advantages of a Manusa automatic door, including a Visio HD operator and aluminium carpentry. The design and technology involved make this door an accessory for maximum security without losing the transparency and simplicity of a regular automatic door. The blast resistant sliding doors are ideal to protect the facades of hotels, banks, transport infrastructures, public buildings, shopping centres or any type of institution or business that consider it necessary. At an operating level, they have very low energy requirements and comply with all relevant safety regulations for doors of their class. They also have automatic sensors to detect any obstruction which immediately stop and reverse the doors.


Blast resistant Blast enhancement for optimum safety
Application Save distances between the loading dock and the truck
Design Maximum clear opening sizes
Certificate According to ISO 16933:2007 standard.
Visio operator All the security features for normal use compatible with the Viso operator.
Customizable Personalised in measures (according to tests), finish options and colours


Can be personalised in measures (according to tests), finish options and colours.


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