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The dock shelter, is designed to cover the loading and unloading areas in industrial warehouses. It prevents any fumes from entering the loading area, prevents temperature losses or fluctuations and protects the goods from damaging air currents. Its use is primarily suitable for loading docks. Our cargo dock shelter is composed of a galvanized metal frame, both front and rear, with diagonal linking arms, which facilitate the retraction of the shelter on itself when pressure is applied; this then allows them to return to their initial position once pressure has been stopped.


Facility For charge and discharge areas
Impacts Knocks absorption produced by trucks
Side closures Identified by a fringe of yellow colour
Upper area and sides. Covered with bathed polyester canvas and PVC.
The front Composed of flexible black PVC with inner reinforcement made of nylon.

Technical specifications

  • Standard dimensions: 3400 x 3400 mm
  • Structure: galvanised steel
  • The front part of the structure is covered by reinforced-rubber protectors made of highly resistant nylon
  • Side retractable bars which can deploy through a distance of up to 600 mm
  • The side protectors are marked to facilitate the attachment manoeuvre

Optional equipment

  • Following a technical study, it may be manufactured in bigger or smaller sizes


Its design makes it perfect at the loading and unloading zones to guarantee the hygienic requirements.


  • 89/106/EEC concerning building products


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