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Hermetic doors

Manusa’s hermetic doors have been specially designed to isolate certain types of spaces that require special hygienHermetic doors, as well as swing doors just as sliding doors, can be installed, not only at sanitary environments, but also in laboratories, food-handling areas, semiconductor manufacturing, etc. That is, any place where there is a “cleanroom”, an environment free from dust, pathogenic bacteria, and other contaminants, but where temperature and humidity are under control.

In What Sectors Can Hermetic Doors for Clean Rooms be Installed?

In sectors with strict hermeticity and hygiene requirements, where there are rooms that have been especially designed to maintain low levels of contamination and controlled environmental conditions. Usually, this is the case in hospitals, pharmaceutical industry, food handling industry, chemical industry, etc...

Functionality of Hermetic Doors for Clean Rooms

Manusa hermetic sliding doors help to keep the room free from any external contamination, sealing the entrance to maintain a pressure differential between the two adjoining rooms. They also optimise the use of treated air within a surgical area, and reduce the operating costs of an operating theatre or clean room.

The Importance of a Manusa Hermetic Door in White Rooms

A white room is one that has very specific environmental conditions, where the number of suspended particles, the pressure, the temperature and the humidity are controlled to achieve optimum levels of hygiene and cleanliness. Manusa hermetic doors for clean rooms are fitted in such a way so that they achieve the required pressure levels, better preserving the environment and hygiene necessary in these rooms, which require air up to 20,000 times purer than the air we regularly breathe.

Accessories for Hermetic Sliding Doors

Manusa offers a wide range of accessories suitable for healthcare environments, which enable safe access and prevent any type of contact. Amongst them, we have tubular handles that allow the door to be opened manually, instead of automatically, when necessary. For these tubular handles, Manusa offers the option of the Bioproof® treatment that consists of applying colourless powder paint, which provides superior resistance to various micro-organisms that are harmful to health. With this treatment, between 99.5 and 100% of these micro-organisms are eliminated. 

If you would like to know more about these accessories for automatic doors, contact our commercial team.