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The hermetic Clear View glass doors are a specific design by Manusa which guarantees airtight environments in certain rooms or areas, such as observation rooms in hospitals. It also provides clear visibility of the interior. However, when a certain degree of privacy is required, electric polarized glass or a glazed unit with an integrated venetian blind can be installed, which offers the option of visibility or privacy of the interior. The Clear View hermetic glass doors offers wide visibility of the room’s interior, making them the best choice for observation spaces in buildings related to the health and pharmacutical sector. The doors maintain the pressure conditions hygiene, temperature and humidity, ensuring hermetic tightness thanks to the mechanical sealing system. The Clear View hermetic glass doors guarantee insulation against any exterior element, allowing the construction of isolated spaces without losing any advantages of Manusa’s automatic doors. With a wide range of accessories and a variety of sizes, finishes and colours, the guarantee of airtightness and safety will never be lost.


Visibility Ideal for observation rooms thanks to its high visibility feature
Privacy Electro-polarised glass or with integrated venetian blind (optional)
Finish Extruded aluminium
Air tightness The whole door is designed to guarantee hygiene.
Accessories Compatible con amplia gama de accesorios
Hygiene The totality of the door has been designed to guarantee hygiene.
Customizable Personalised in measures, finish options and colours


At Manusa we know that installing our hermetic glass doors into any space requires flexibility; therefore, we offer our clients different measurements, finishes and colours which ensure our doors are aesthetically and functionally adapted to any requirement.


Clear View hermetic glass doors offer the latest technology with an innovative design of building spaces where hygiene and conditions of the room are guaranteed, while also allowing observation from the exterior. They are ideal for building observation spaces in hospitals, laboratories or other buildings related to health and medicine.


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Frequently asked questions about hermetic glass clear view doors

Where can hermetic glass clear view doors be installed?

A common application for this type of door leaf is in ICU wards, so that patients can be monitored and supervised from outside the room. The hermeticity is guaranteed between the leaf and the frame and the floor, providing a perfectly hermetic seal around the perimeter of the door opening and therefore maintaining the positive pressure in the clean room; with the added benefit of fully glazed leaves.

Although the full pane of glass is usually totally transparent to give a clear view inside the room, in specific cases that require a certain degree of privacy, electro-polarised glass can be installed which enable the leaves’ transparency to be altered or panes that incorporate Venetian blinds in the door leaves. The doors can also be permanently customised with screen printing or vinyl adhesives.