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Industrial doors

Manusa’s industrial doors are designed with the most advanced technology in the sector guaranteeing safety and functionality together with an added aesthetic value in all the access systems when required.

Are the industrial doors subjected to durability tests?

Yes, Ferroflex never sells a new or modified door, that has not been thoroughly tested by the R&D+i department. During these trials, one of the tests performed on a finished product consists on keeping it in operation until it reaches a set number of cycles, which may vary depending on the model, so that its correct operation can be confirmed.

The safety factor

Currently, Ferroflex doors leave the factory with a state-of-the-art safety system, consisting of a multiple photocell barrier. This system exceeds, by far, the required safety levels, especially with respect to the doors that only use isolated detectors or contact safety bands. In any case, they avoid all possible contact with the people or goods that continually pass through them.