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Pedestrian swing fire doors

Fire doors that allow a better sectorisation in case of fire while also guaranteeing a passive protection system against the spread of fire.

Installing a swing fire-proof door

This type of door is born out of a need for a passive protection system against fire propagation, allowing for the evacuation of staff in the event of fire. Pedestrian swing fire-proof doors are the ideal solution for areas with high traffic of people, with sectioning needs in case of fire.

Is it necessary to incorporate door closers?

A door closer is a mechanical device that closes the door in a controlled way and prevents the door slamming closed; therefore, it is required by law. Their installation allows the closing speed of the door and the latch speed to be regulated, thus ensuring correct closure and preventing any type of hazard to users. For wide doors, an additional (Booster) device is necessary that provides additional force to the door closer.

Available finishes for the pedestrian swing fire doors

They are available in zincrometal-type galvanised steel sheet on both sides, lacquered with an ecological, anticorrosive epoxy base. Minimum resistance to salt spray exposure: 300 hours (A.S.T.M. B-117-61) standard rustproof finish: RAL 7035. For other finishes, contact our commercial department.