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Silent and safe, these doors offer effective insulation, with a maximum safety seal that thermally insulates the interior of the space. Its design has been optimized to offer a comfortable door with a reduced visual impact within the space it is integrated in. They are ideal for commercial establishments.


Opening Vertical opening with the capability to be automatized
Closure Maximum security air leakage closure
Insulation All the hinged joints, lateral, upper and lower to achieve a greater thermal and air flow insulation.
Customizable Personalized design according to operating mode
Resistant Continuous reinforcement plates.
Structure Sandwich panel 40 and 75 mm thick with high density expanded polyurethane core, phosphate wire twist springs ans galvanized steel guides and fittings.
Certificate Manufacturing materials approved by the EU.


We have different types of finishes for the door panel: horizontal grooved panel, multi-panelled panel, imitation wood panel and stainless panel. We also offer the option of placing windows in these panels and we can even manufacture this door fully glazed. In addition, the sectional doors can be mounted in a wide range of RAL colours as well as measurements, perfectly integrate them into the architectural space.


Our sectional doors are a broad solution that, combining a wide variety of designs and materials that guarantee the effectiveness of the doors, fit perfectly into spaces from residential complexes to industrial warehouses and logistics centres.


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