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The PVC curtain sheets is the ideal system in open passages with high level of traffic by maximising the space available. It is the most economical closing system which requires the least amount of maintenance. Its simple installation and simple operation make it suitable for any area. It can be installed in areas of high humidity as well as areas of low temperature. Moreover, they have an easy fastening system which allows a 90º turn in both directions, due to the individual connection of slats to the rail. It is simple to assemble and maintain. In addition, the overlapping of the slats makes the curtain a good solution for keeping the area airtight.


Practic Easy system to partition any space
Leaves Manufactured with flexible PVC available in grey or transparent and wide range of finishes.
Tightness Maximum sealing highly reduces noise and dust thanks to overlap leaves.
Insulation Maintains temperature in air-conditioned rooms and protect areas from the cold and extreme weather.


The PVC curtain sheets is fexible and is avaible in wide range of finishes. The metal structure is available in galvanized steel and stainless steel.


Their insulating design makes them suitable for all types of industries or businesses, such as hospitals, agricultural industry, drying rooms, etc.


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