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360º integral service to accompany you from the first step to the very last in every project


Maintenance contracts which extend the longevity of automatic doors through preventive inspections. Customised to each client and with assistance priority.

Extensive hourly coverage for customers subscribed to our 24/7 Service in Catalonia. We offer a technician to move and repair any breakdown 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Safety inspections of installed automatic doors and formulation of action plans ensuring their correct operation and eliminating possible risks to users.

Original spare parts are always in stock which guarantees a quick and efficient repair.

Qualified staff will attend to any external incident when possible, otherwise they will arrange an onsite technical service to attend any problems.

Experts are at hand throughout the country.

Open to you

360º integral service to accompany you from the first step to the very last in every project

We guarantee a 360º integral service to accompany you from the first step to the very last in every project, until you reach the best solution.

We open our imagination to the future. We help build it thanks to experience we have gathered for over more than 50 years and the trust our customers have in us.
We design

Five decades innovating in the automatic doors and access control systems market, offering products with the most suitable functionality for every architectural project. With customised finishes and colours for effective integration in their surroundings.

We adapt

Every project presents a challenge. We strive to offer exclusive solutions to each establishment, both commercial and personal. We install more than 17,000 doors every year, which strengthens our positions as leaders in the automatic doors sector.

We produce

First-class materials are used to manufacture all of our automatic doors and a team of 250 qualified professionals ensure the correct installation and excellent operation of the doors.

We follow you through

We are always there. Our technical specialists offer complete support in all stages of the project, whenever our services are required, anytime and anywhere, 24/7 in Catalonia.

Frequently asked questions about Manusa technical support and maintenance service

Does Manusa offer a maintenance service?
As a leading manufacturer of automatic doors with over 50 years’ experience in the sector, Manusa offers a professional maintenance and technical support service for both automatic doors and access control systems. We provide an outstanding service founded on our stringent quality standards and backed up by maximum guarantees that are capable of satisfying even the most demanding of requirements.
The main advantages of the Manusa Maintenance Service are our contracts tailored to our clients’ needs, whether for Manusa doors or those of other manufacturers. To this end, we can provide various contract modalities that combine different maintenance plans with safety inspections. These contracts offer a personalised telephone service, a notification reception centre operating 24 hours/day, 365 days/year, full inspections compliant with current UNE standards, more general door condition and operation inspections, priority support, and discounts on labour, materials and technical service travel expenses.
The main advantage is that your doors and their components will receive a regular inspection of their overall condition, thereby preventing potential incidents or malfunctions that could reduce their useful life. Furthermore, as the holder of a Manusa Maintenance Service contract you will receive 24‑hour technical support thanks to our optional Express Service available with certain contract modalities, total peace of mind regarding compliance with the latest standards, reduced costs by preventing breakdowns, and an extended useful life for your automatic doors.
We have an emergency service for clients who hold a maintenance contract and have selected this additional option. Depending on your geographical location, we can offer our Monday to Sunday “Manusa 24/7 Service” with a maximum technician response time of 6 hours or our “Express Service” with urgent support until 9 p.m. Contact us to find out about the geographical availability in your area.
The aim of a technical safety audit is to verify an automatic door’s current safety levels and to propose a plan of action to eliminate any risks that could compromise user safety. It also ensures the door complies with standard UNE 85121 and gives the chance to make any adjustments to avoid the need for future corrections due to a lack of maintenance.
When Manusa doorsets receive routine maintenance from our Technical Service, the safety of the door is guaranteed throughout its entire life cycle. In addition, they comply with standard UNE 85121, which aims to improve safety in use standards for automatic pedestrian doors through competent maintenance.
In general, the service includes one or two inspections each year depending on the door’s level of pedestrian traffic; however, we can customise the number of inspections to meet each client’s requirements. Our team of experts will give you advice on the best option for your automatic doors.
As manufacturers, installers and providers of technical services with over 50 years’ experience, Manusa has an in-depth knowledge of the latest advances in automatic doors, with respect to both technology and standards, which means we offer a maintenance and technical service for any brand of automatic door. We have our own fleet of vehicles fully equipped to resolve any incident promptly and our own technicians located throughout the Iberian peninsula who have been expertly trained at our facilities.
Manusa has various options available in connection with our Maintenance Service contracts, including technical support 365 days a year subject to geographical availability. Please contact our customer service team for more information.
If you need more information about the customized service you can contact a Comercial Contact