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Manusa Service

The satisfaction of the client is achieved by guaranteeing a top quality professional service. Manusa Service is the result of our extensive experience, a unique official technical service, which meets the most demanding needs.


Maintenance contracts that allow to extend the useful life of automatic doors through preventive inspections. Customised to each client and with priority of assistance.

Extensive hourly coverage for customers subscribed to our 24/7 Service in Catalonia. We place a technician at your disposal to move and repair the breakdown 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Safety inspections of installed automatic doors and formulation of action plans that ensure their correct operation and eliminate possible risks for users.

  • Original spare parts always in stock in order to guarantee a quick and efficient repair.

  • Presence of experts throughout the country.

  • Qualified staff will attend to any incident externally if possible, or they will arrange an onsite technical service if needed.