Manusa Service

The satisfaction of the client is achieved by guaranteeing a top quality professional service. Manusa Service is the result of our extensive experience, a unique official technical service, which meets the most demanding needs.


Maintenance contracts which extend the longevity of automatic doors through preventive inspections. Customised to each client and with assistance priority.

Extensive hourly coverage for customers subscribed to our 24/7 Service in Catalonia. We offer a technician to move and repair any breakdown 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Safety inspections of installed automatic doors and formulation of action plans ensuring their correct operation and eliminating possible risks to users.

Original spare parts are always in stock which guarantees a quick and efficient repair.

Qualified staff will attend to any external incident when possible, otherwise they will arrange an onsite technical service to attend any problems.

Experts are at hand throughout the country.

Open to you

innovating with service vocation

We guarantee a 360º integral service to accompany you from the first step to the very last in every project, until you reach the best solution.

We open our imagination to the future. We help build it thanks to experience we have gathered for over more than 50 years and the trust our customers have in us.
We design

Five decades innovating in the automatic doors and access control systems market, offering products with the most suitable functionality for every architectural project. With customised finishes and colours for effective integration in their surroundings.

We adapt

Every project presents a challenge. We strive to offer exclusive solutions to each establishment, both commercial and personal. We install more than 17,000 doors every year, which strengthens our positions as leaders in the automatic doors sector.

We produce

First-class materials are used to manufacture all of our automatic doors and a team of 250 qualified professionals ensure the correct installation and excellent operation of the doors.

We follow you through

We are always there. Our technical specialists offer complete support in all stages of the project, whenever our services are required, anytime and anywhere, 24/7 in Catalonia.

If you need more information about the customized service you can contact a Comercial Contact