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Accessibility provided by automatic doors improves user experience in healthcare buildings

The accessibility provided by automatic doors improves the user experience in healthcare buildings

Accessibility is a particularly important requirement for buildings in the healthcare sector. The people who come to these places often suffer from some type of physical or emotional impairment, so improving accessibility through the use of automatic doors is especially useful in these buildings. They not only improve the user experience, but they also promote more inclusive care.

Elderly people, those who suffer from reduced mobility, use crutches or wheelchairs, as well as people facing sensory or cognitive challenges, benefit from the convenience of automatic doors, freeing them from the worry of manually opening and closing doors, which promotes their autonomy and independence.

At Manusa we are leaders in the sector of automatic doors for medical centers because we offer a wide range of models designed specifically for this environment, such as automatic sliding doors or automatic swing doors for X-ray rooms, operating rooms, ICUs and many other applications. These models offer the most advanced features for healthcare buildings, but they have also been created with the user experience in mind.

Automatic doors for patient wellbeing

A central aspect is the possibility of customizing these automatic doors to impact the emotional aspect of the users of the healthcare facilities. For example, at the Juana Francisca Cabral Cardiology Institute of Corrientes in Argentina, Manusa automatic doors have been customized with children's designs of native animals in the pediatric cardiovascular recovery area, creating a more welcoming environment for children.

Another example is the project we have carried out in the hemodialysis rooms of the Donostia Hospital, where thanks to Pormanorte, our distributor in the Basque Country, we have installed hermetic doors at the entrances to the cabins where dialysis treatments are performed. On the door leaves we have included vinyls with images of nature that favor relaxation for patients.

Putting users at the center when designing our automatic doors allows us to create solutions that are useful for people and provide medical centers with tools to improve the user experience in the use of their facilities.

Customized design adapted to each client

Personalization and people-centered design help to improve the stay of patients and their companions in a hospital. At Manusa, every day we work to adapt to the needs presented by each health center that decides to incorporate automatic doors.

Because we know that each project is unique, we work together with teams of architects and builders to develop tailor-made solutions. In addition, we offer a flexible and dynamic service, which allows us to adapt to the real time of each project.

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