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What to do if an automatic door doesn’t close?

One of the most common faults in intelligent accesses is when the automatic door does not close. This might be due to an accidental blow, poor installation, an electrical fault or because the routine technical inspections have not be carried out.

Like any technical element, automatic doors can stop working. This is why it is essential to have an after-sales technical service and use professionals to install the automatic doors.

At Manusa, we work alongside our customers in the design, manufacturing, installation and maintenance of any intelligent access.

Most common faults

Some causes, reasons and cases preventing a door from closing automatically might include the following:

  • The automatic door opens but does not close
  • The leaf moves slightly, stops and then opens again
  • The mechanism is blocked
  • An element is not correctly adjusted
  • The motor does not have enough power to move the glass leaves

In these cases -whether it is a sliding, swing, folding or another model of door- you must contact the technical service. After listening to the case, if it is a Manusa door, our professionals will solve the incident remotely and, if this is not possible, they will visit the site to assess the condition of the door components (drive unit, leaves, accessories, etc.) and provide the best solution to ensure the automatic door closes normally.

If the door does not fully close, the best advice and recommendation is to leave its handling to a professional. If not, you might damage it, which would be counter-productive.

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