Automatic doors with break-out function

Automatic doors are increasingly visible in all types of location, including private and public buildings, private homes, or large shopping centres. Technology is becoming more and more linked to the everyday lives of people, who now insist on most of the items that surround them every day being technological.

Among all the models sold and see on a daily basis are the automatic doors with break-out function. A specific example of this would be emergency or panic doors. The door is sliding and is opened automatically. One of the most important features of this type of door is that, thanks to its layout, it can be used as an easy emergency exit in the event of danger, fire or fast evacuation.

For example, standard automatic doors have four glass leaves, but only the two in the centre open and close. The side leaves are opened manually, expanding the entrance in less than one minute.

There are also hermetic swing doors, designed for installation in buildings related to the healthcare sector, such as hospitals or clinics. These may have one or two leaves, and they guarantee the hygiene conditions inside thanks to materials such as the stainless steel or high pressure laminate that Manusa uses in their manufacturing.

It is also commonplace to see the break-out function on revolving doors in hotel receptions, for example. Hinged or folding doors are installed on the sides of the main element for use by all types of user, especially people in wheelchairs.

This type of door increases user comfort thanks to its automated opening. They are also elegantly designed and blend in with the areas where they are installed, which is a guarantee, and they have an acceptable price-quality ratio that is increasingly appreciated by all types of companies and individuals.
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Juan Pérez
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