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Automatic doors for cash machines in banks. Safety and comfort for clients

sucursal puerta automatica


Automatic doors for cash machines in bank branches play a key role in the security and accessibility of these financial services. In many cities, cash machines are located in front of banks, allowing easy access for customers. However, it is also common to find cash machines inside branches, providing an additional layer of protection and security for users.

Many people now do all their banking online and rarely go to the branch to carry out financial transactions. But it is still a service to the public, especially those affected by and immersed in the digital gap, for things like requesting information, paying in, or withdrawing cash, updating their bankbook, opening a mortgage, or setting up a new account.

Although, compared to the past, there are fewer and fewer bank branches in towns and cities, cash machines are still widely used. One of the features that offers great security and convenience to customers in these buildings is the automatic door. Manusa has a variety of intelligent entrances used to access buildings where the ATM is located inside the bank branch.

  • Standard automatic sliding door: This type of door is very common at the entrances to bank branches. It opens and closes automatically when it detects that a person is entering or leaving. It’s simple and efficient design allows for a constant flow of users, while providing security by controlling access to the ATM area.
  • Emergency or panic doors: These doors are designed for emergency situations, such as fires or evacuations. They open easily outwards with minimal pressure, allowing quick exit if needed. These doors are often clearly signposted and strategically installed in branches to ensure the safety of users in emergency situations.
  • Airlock system: This system guarantees the passage of one person at a time, preventing unauthorized access and providing an orderly flow of people. It is designed with durable materials and offers customizable options. Can be integrated into bank branches offering high security.

Automatic doors to increase protection in banks

Manusa is working to offer solutions to banks in the field of intelligent entrances from the outside of the building. The importance of the proper design, manufacture, installation and maintenance of automatic doors giving access to ATMs in bank branches cannot be underestimated.

These doors play a vital role in protecting users and financial assets, ensuring security inside the bank. If you wish to increase the protection inside a building dedicated to the financial sector, contact Manusa now and our team will tell you about the characteristics and benefits of each of the automatic doors designed for this sector.