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Automatic doors promote cognitive accessibility in healthcare facilities

Cognitive accessibility automatic hospital doors

The term cognitive accessibility refers to the ability of environments and services to be understandable and usable by people with varying cognitive abilities. Automatic doors for hospitals and healthcare facilities make a major contribution to this by providing clear and consistent spatial orientation.

Cognitive accessibility is a fundamental aspect of inclusive and quality medical attention. To ensure that all patients and visitors feel comfortable and can move efficiently through these facilities, a variety of technologies and solutions have been implemented, including automatic doors.

When the doors open automatically on detecting a person, it eliminates the need to open the door manually, which can be a difficult task for some people. This simplified spatial orientation eliminates architectural barriers and contributes to comfort and accessibility.

Automatic doors for hospitals

Within its catalogue of intelligent accesses for hospitals, Manusa offers automatic sliding doors in their standard or telescopic versions. As well as allowing the smooth passage of people, visual signs can be included on the glass panes to help in the task of cognitive accessibility. Sliding doors are ideal not only for the exterior of the building but also for the different rooms inside the health center.

Cognitive accessibility in operating theatres

In operating theatres or intensive care units, due to the need for hygiene, it is advisable to install hermetic automatic doors, either in sliding, glass or swing versions. In these areas of the hospital or clinic, attention must be paid to cognitive accessibility as well as meeting other specific requirements, because they are areas in which patients are always accompanied by nursing staff or orderlies.

Automatic doors are extremely helpful for all kinds of people and Manusa works to promote their integration in society by installing its products in shopping centers, airports, train stations, office buildings or hospital centers. Automatic doors improve the transit of people by optimizing cognitive accessibility together with physical and sensorial accessibility.

If you manage or run a clinic or hospital and you want to give added value to integrate everyone who visits, contact Manusa now and our team of professionals will create a customized design for the doors of your center.