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Manusa automatic doors achieve the 5 million cycles durability certification

la puerta-automatica-duracion-ciclos-autonomia manusa

At Manusa we have obtained the durability certification after our automatic doors successfully completed five million opening and closing cycles in the Applus+ certified test.

The tests, conducted between 2020 and 2023, involved the continuous and uninterrupted operation of two of our pedestrian automatic sliding doors with Visio+ 100 and Visio+ 125 operators, respectively. As a result of this rigorous testing, we have achieved durability certification in accordance with UNE-EN 16005:2013, section 5.8, which establishes the requirements and test methods in relation to safety in use for pedestrian automatic doors.

High-quality materials for withstanding more than 26,000 hours of continuous operation

The automatic doors subjected to this test have demonstrated their ability to withstand and function optimally for more than 26,000 hours (more than three years) without failure or deterioration. Exceeding five million cycles is a result of the materials used in the manufacture of our products. This proves the high performance of the advanced technology and innovation implemented by our team in each of the design and manufacturing processes.

Safety and high performance thanks to force-impact certification

In addition to the durability certification, our automatic doors also received the certificate of impact forces, according to UNE-EN 16361:2014+A1:2017, section 4.12, which underlines our commitment to safety and performance in the daily use of this model of doors installed in any type of building.

These certificates reinforce the durability of our products, guarantee the best quality for our customers and maintain our leadership position in the market, with a direct influence on each and every one of our present and future projects in a variety of buildings in sectors such as health, retail, hospitality or residential. If you want to install automatic doors in your business or property contact Manusa now and our team will advise you in a personalized way.