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The importance of automatic doors in the design of sanitary installations

importancia puertas automaticas diseno instalaciones sanitarias

Over the centuries, urban design has evolved significantly. Both large and small towns have a variety of buildings that provide services of all kinds to meet the needs of society as a whole. Hospitals and clinics are just some of the properties that require certain features to ensure a comfortable and pleasant stay for both those who work there and those who visit them.

To achieve the goal of comfort in the different spaces of a building or premises, architects and interior designers work with specific parameters that take neuroscience into account. Natural light, ceiling height, plant layout and the presence of state-of-the-art technological elements are some of the aspects that directly contribute to wellbeing. It is also important to mention the presence of Manusa automatic doors in this context.

The intelligent entrances incorporated by designers and architects in healthcare projects improve the flow in and out of buildings, which is especially useful in crowded situations. Manusa automatic doors are also a key element in improving the energy efficiency of a building, as they prevent sudden changes in temperature caused by drafts from the outside. This prevents the temperature gauge from dropping when the heating is on or rising when the air conditioning is running.

Manusa automatic doors also help stop the spread of viruses and bacteria, as they do not need to be touched by hand to open. This ensures complete airtightness and hygiene when going in and out of clean rooms such as operating rooms where operations are performed.

Architectural projects that incorporate automatic doors

It is important to keep in mind that automatic doors in healthcare facilities endure a large number of opening and closing cycles. Therefore, timely and professional maintenance is essential to ensure that they function properly, especially in an environment as sensitive as the healthcare sector.

At Manusa we work with architecture studios and designers, providing them with advice on the choice of the most suitable automatic doors for each architectural space in the healthcare sector. The versatility of our products allows them to be personalised and adapted to the customer's needs, as well as to the facilities where they will be placed. If you want to install automatic doors in a healthcare building, contact Manusa now and we will inform you about our solutions and services.