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Automatic doors for ophthalmology centers

For decades, automatic doors have been helping everyone in society. The convenience of automatic accesses that open and close so that people can pass through smoothly without having to use their hands is a technological breakthrough that is rarely appreciated.

Healthcare and personal care are among the sectors that benefit the most from the presence of intelligent accesses.

Sight is one of the five senses in which medicine has advanced the most. Operations to improve vision are becoming increasingly socially accepted and more and more people are going to the operating room to undergo cataract surgery or other eye surgery.

Ophthalmology centers with automatic doors at the entrance and interior spaces are a great help to allow the movement of people with vision problems. The removal of architectural barriers is a benefit for society in general and especially for the for the visually impaired.

In addition, many of these centers have operating rooms for eye surgeries, which require the highest standards of hygiene. For this type of space, the best option is to install hermetic automatic doors, which are designed to guarantee high standards of hygiene and maximum watertightness.

Puertas automaticas para centros oftalmologicos

The best automatic doors for opticians' shops

Besides health centers and ophthalmology clinics, it is also a great idea to install automatic doors in opticians' shops. When we go to a store to buy glasses or to have our eyesight corrected, it's a good idea not to find obstacles at the entrance to the store, whether it's a step or a door that we have to push or pull the manual handle.

In all these cases, the most common intelligent accesses are automatic sliding doors, either in their standard or telescopic version. They ensure the smooth passage of employees, medical and nursing staff, and other people.

Do you need to install automatic doors in your vision care center? Contact us now and we will evaluate the best options to design and manufacture an intelligent access that we will install in the building, giving it a modern look and at the forefront of 21st century technology.