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How automatic doors can improve the guest experience in hotels

Como puertas automaticas mejorar experiencia huesped hoteles

In the competitive world of the Horeca sector, providing an exceptional guest experience is key to standing out and building customer loyalty. Whether a hotel is located in a large or small city, serves beachfront tourism, caters to business travellers or holidaymakers, it is crucial to offer comfort in every area. From street level access to communal areas, every detail counts in order to guarantee a pleasant and problem-free stay.

In this respect, automatic doors have proven to be an effective solution to enhance the guest experience from the moment they arrive at any hotel. There are a number of benefits that intelligent entrances bring to both hotel employees and guests staying at the hotel.

  • Effortless access: Automatic doors allow hassle-free access for guests with suitcases as well as for people moving around in wheelchairs or pushing a pushchair. This ensures that the first impression is positive and friendly, creating a welcoming atmosphere right from the start.
  • Energy efficiency: Automatic doors are designed to minimise sudden temperature changes and optimise energy use. By maintaining a climate- controlled indoor environment, energy consumption is reduced as no door is left open accidentally. This promotes sustainability and prevents guests from feeling uncomfortable because they cannot feel the air conditioning in their rooms or in communal areas.
  • Security: Automatic doors can be integrated with access control systems. This allows efficient management of who has access to certain areas of the hotel, providing additional security for your guests and ensuring privacy in restricted spaces. Above all, it prevents unwanted intrusions into the hotel, for example at night.
  • Aesthetics: Automatic doors bring a touch of modernity and elegance to any hotel. A sophisticated and contemporary appearance helps to create a positive and lasting impression on guests as well as bringing them into the 21st century.

A company dedicated to installing automatic doors in hotels.

Manusa has a wide catalogue of products and accessories for the Horeca sector. Any hotel can incorporate these advantages thanks to automatic doors.

Products such as the standard automatic sliding door, the telescopic automatic sliding door, the curved automatic sliding door, or the revolving door ensure a positive experience at the entrance of the building, and for partitioning internal areas, there is the option of swing automatic doors. It is even possible to automate manual swing gates by simply installing our Vector swing door operator.

Manusa's team of professionals can also design and manufacture the doors in a customised way according to the needs of each hotel. Also, Manusa's technical service guarantees the durability of the products through precise and routine maintenance. The quality materials and components that make up the doors offer a high volume of cycles, which is a common feature in hotels where a large number of people come and out every day.

If you own or manage a hotel and you would like to install automatic doors at the entrance or inside, contact Manusa now and our team of professionals will tell you which is the best entrance model to improve the experience of your guests.