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The best automatic doors for a hotel spa

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The hotel industry is among the sectors that regularly incorporates the most innovation to meet the tastes and demands of its guests. Many hotels now offer heated swimming pools and spas for guests to swim and relax during their stay.

Automatic doors are an essential element for any hotel because they enhance the guest experience by eliminating architectural barriers, adding a touch of avant-garde and modernity, and allowing the smooth flow of people into the building and communal areas. One of the solutions that has gained popularity in recent years is the installation of automatic doors at the entrance to the spa.

Automatic doors increase comfort and safety of spa access

The installation of automatic doors in the entrance to a hotel spa not only brings elegance and functionality, but also offers significant benefits in terms of safety and comfort. In a restricted access area such as a spa, automatic doors prevent the entry of people who do not have a special pass or hotel room card, guaranteeing the privacy and security of the guests.

In addition, in an environment with high humidity levels such as pools, saunas and spas, maintaining an adequate temperature and climate control is essential for the comfort of users. Intelligent accesses contribute to this purpose by minimizing temperature loss and keeping humidity under control by efficiently closing the door after a person passes through, preventing it from being left open inadvertently.

Types of automatic doors for a spa

Manusa has a wide range of automatic doors for the Horeca sector and offers specific and customized solutions for spa access.

The doors that are normally installed are automatic doors with bi-parting, side or telescopic openings. If the entrance is wide, central opening doors are usually installed; however, if the doorway is smaller, side-opening or telescopic doors may be the preferred choice. Whatever the model, all of them can be customized in terms of sizes, finishes and colors, which allows hotels to adapt them to their corporate style and design. These accesses are usually accompanied by some kind of security system, to limit access only to those who have permission. The use of tags, wristbands, RFiD cards or keypad numbers can easily be integrated as mechanisms for part of the door opening.

If you manage or run a hotel that has a spa and you want to add value to the installations, contact Manusa now and our team of professionals will advise you on the steps to follow to install an automatic door. As well as carrying out the design, manufacture and installation of the product, the company will take care of the preventive, routine and rigorous maintenance so that everything works exactly as it did on the first day.