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The best finishes for hospital doors

puerta hermetica corredera panelada hospital manusa

Whether a hospital has a higher or lower quality depends, to a large extent, on its healthcare professionals. The work and human quality of doctors, nurses and orderlies reflects the soul of a hospital center. To this must be added other aspects and characteristics linked to neuroscience, such as hygiene, the presence of natural light, the distribution of rooms and corridors, the height of the ceilings, and innovation and high technology.

In this last point, it is worth mentioning the presence of automatic doors at the entrances to the hospital. That a health center has intelligent accesses in its entrances, exits and interior areas ensures a touch of elegance and guarantees that society considers it a building at the forefront of the XXI century.

Manusa, a leading company in the design, manufacture and installation of automatic doors in a wide range of sectors, has a complete catalogue specialized in hospitals, clinics and other healthcare spaces. Manusa's accesses have the most advanced technology to allow the fluid transit of people, guarantee cleanliness against bacteria and viruses, and optimize the energy efficiency of the building.

In addition to these advantages, it is also important to highlight the variety of finishes for hospital doors offered by Manusa. The automatic door leaves are made of stainless steel and high-intensity laminate (HLP) consisting of phenolic resin as standard and an antibacterial certificate according to JIS Z 2801. In addition, HLP is available with Bs2d0 classification, which means that it has a good reaction to fire (close to non-flammability), moderate smoke emission and does not give off droplets or persistent flaming particles.

Some of the Manusa door models, such as the hermetic sliding door, the hermetic swinging door or the leaded door for X-Ray, are made of AISI-316 stainless steel, which is especially suitable for corrosive or saline environments; or the hermetic glazed door model, which can be finished in extruded aluminium, anodized or lacquered, the latter in the entire RAL range.

The low air permeability performance of Manusa doors is ensured by the sealing gasket installed around the entire perimeter of the door leaf. The operator and the frame of the opening guarantee the correct functioning of the door, which, when the door leaf closes, approaches the frame, sealing the perimeter of the opening. Manusa airtight doors are tested to determine the air permeability of the product at low pressures.

In addition, depending on the needs of the hospital where they are installed, the doors can be of one color or another according to the corporate or institutional colors of the health center. This integration significantly improves the external conception that people who work or visit the hospital may have.

In addition to the hermetic and leaded doors for radiology, which are intended for rooms where special care must be taken, Manusa's catalogue for hospitals includes automatic sliding doors, telescopic automatic sliding doors, tilt and turn doors and emergency doors, among others. If you manage or run a hospital or clinic and you want the accesses to be intelligent and fully integrated with the facade and other areas of the building, contact us now and the Manusa team will advise you on all the steps.