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Compliance with the EN16005 standard in the installation of automatic doors


Safety is one of the most important aspects in any company. It is a feature that must be considered for all types of buildings, both for employees and for customers visiting the business. Many properties already have automatic doors in their entrances and inside buildings. This product should be installed by professionals who specialize in it and not by an unqualified person.

One of the most important measures that can be taken to ensure safety is to comply with the European Standard EN16005, which sets out the safety requirements and technical criteria for the installation of automatic doors in buildings and commercial premises.

Automatic doors that are not installed in accordance with safety standards can be dangerous and could harm people or goods. By complying with this standard, you can be sure that the automatic door has been installed securely and that using it does not present a risk.

Thanks to EN16005, the safety standards for automatic pedestrian doors have been enhanced. At Manusa we are very aware of this, and all our products rigorously comply with this standard. That is why our automatic doors have the following characteristics:

  • Controlled closing: the door should close smoothly and with no danger of trapping or hitting users.
  • Safety sensors: the door must be equipped with sensors that stop the door automatically if an object or person is detected.
  • Easy access: the door should be easily accessible for all types of people, including wheelchair users.
  • Regular maintenance: Regular inspections and maintenance should be carried out to ensure that the automatic door continues to meet safety requirements.
  • Clear instructions: the door should come with clear and concise instructions on how to use it and how to respond in case of an emergency.

Installation of automatic doors in compliance with EN16005

Manusa's qualified professionals are experts in the installation of automatic doors in any type of building. We comply with the EN16005 Standard, a key tool for guaranteeing the safety of people using Manusa automatic doors. If you run a business and you want to install automatic doors to improve the transit of people and energy efficiency, contact Manusa now and we will inform you about our products.