Innovation and design

Customized automatic doors that adapt to any project

personalized automatic door Tira do Playa Restaurant

Working with builders and architects helps us to pool ideas and offer the best solutions for buildings in all types of sectors, such as catering, healthcare, residential and retail. In our projects we integrate innovation and customize each design according to the client's requirements.

n order to adapt to the specific needs of our customers, at Manusa we always choose the automatic door that best suits each project: sliding, swing or revolving, as well as the profile materials and the integration of accessories. We understand that each project is unique, and we strive to adapt to it accurately and efficiently.

como personalizar puerta automatica

How to adapt an automatic door to a restaurant facility

One of the outstanding projects of customization and adaptation is the one we carried out at the Tira do Playa Restaurant, in La Coruña. There, at the entrance to the premises, we designed and installed an entrance with two automatic doors, one entrance and one exit. Both doors share the same cover, which not only improves functionality and the passage area, but also enhances aesthetics by eliminating the need to install two independent operators. We also installed a fixed security profile to prevent incidents.

R&D, sustainability, and customization

With our projects we eliminate architectural barriers and comply with all current legal regulations in relation to aspects such as the security of access automation.

If you have a business and want to improve accessibility for customers without neglecting essential aspects of safety, efficiency and environmental care, contact us now and we will tell you what the best solutions are for your establishment, premises or building.