Manusa Brand

Manusa: building the future with one eye on our origins


Manusa: building the future with one eye on our origins In 1966, José María Guilera Nubiola founded Manusa, a company that initially set out to manufacture manual gantry cranes. Manusa were keen to extend our presence in the sector and so we soon began developing more advanced models and registering patents.

Five years later, in 1971, the company started its journey into the production of automatic doors with pneumatic technology. In the same year, we decided to expand our horizons and began distributing doors internationally.

Manusa revolutionised the market in 1991 with the introduction of microprocessors in door management systems, and again in 1995 when we offered products with the first universal operator (STK).

Besides devoting attention to manufacturing, over the years we have always worked on marketing, project design and after-sale services for our products. But not just at a local level from our headquarters, we have also reached markets in Asia Pacific, Europe, Africa, Latin America and the Middle East.

The production of automatic doors has seen continuous growth in recent years and we have sold our products to a wide range of clients including hospitals, airports, the retail industry, shopping centres, bank branches and the transport sector.

Thanks to the efforts of our entire team and with over 50 years of experience behind us, we have developed into a world leader in the manufacture of automatic doors and access control systems. Our workforce comprises over 250 trained personnel who produce more than 18,000 doors each year.

We are present in over 90 countries and have our own branches in Spain, Portugal, Brazil, China and the United Arab Emirates, which gives us a global market position in the sector. Thanks to everyone who has helped Manusa become what we are today and all those who will inspire us to continue growing and adding value to society.