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The importance of airtight doors in healthcare facilities

puertas automaticas hermeticidad manusa

One of the main characteristics of any space that stores or handles pharmaceutical products is hygiene and safety to protect against viruses and bacteria. Many of these microorganisms can affect chemical, pharmaceutical or medical products if extreme care is not taken during the cleaning of sanitary products and by the people who carry out their professional activity in, for example, laboratories.

The airtightness of any space can be damaged by several elements, including access. A door can be accidentally left open and even if it is only for a short time, the room can be infected by a contaminant coming from the outside. Manusa automatic doors guarantee airtightness in all areas where it is necessary, such as laboratories, operating rooms or other types of clean rooms. The product catalog includes the automatic hermetic sliding door and the automatic hermetic swinging door, which keep clean rooms perfectly insulated. These spaces have controlled humidity levels and temperature and require special conditions to ensure that the air is free from pathogenic bacteria, dust mites and dust. Rooms like these are subject to a higher pressure than that found outside, which prevents contaminated air from entering from the outside when the door is opened.

The automatic hermetic doors designed, manufactured and installed by Manusa are made of the top materials on the market, such as stainless steel or High Pressure Laminate (HPL). According to the needs of each laboratory, they can be customised in accordance with the characteristics defined by Manusa, such as the dimensions, the incorporation of peepholes, the finish and colour of the doors, or the activation system that can be operated using a button or a movement sensor.

Hermetic sliding and swinging doors

Hermetic sliding doors can be central or side opening depending on the space available in each laboratory. They allow for a smooth flow of workers, researchers and scientists, ensuring that the work centre is always hermetically sealed, because their block frame guarantees a perfect fit with the door leaf and ensures airtightness on any type of wall.

The hermetic swinging doors are available with one or two leaves, depending on the needs of the room. Thanks to the block frame, the leaf is perfectly fitted to the wall, guaranteeing the required airtightness. The absence of visible screws guarantees easy cleaning in delicate environments.

Manusa automatic hermetic doors are aesthetically pleasing, very elegant and are equipped with cutting-edge 21st century technology that gives the people who walk through them a high level of confidence. If you manage a laboratory and wish to install hermetic doors, contact us now and our team will explain all the advantages and features of these intelligent accesses.