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Improving accessibility with automatic doors

Mejora de la accesibilidad mediante puertas automaticas

In the constant search for more inclusive and accessible environments, the installation of automatic doors has proven to be an effective solution to improve accessibility in several spaces. One of Manusa's main aims is to eliminate architectural barriers and help in the access and mobility of people who move around in wheelchairs, walk with crutches, or push a pram. Automatic doors offer a series of advantages that optimise accessibility in any building they are installed in.

  • Independent mobility: automatic doors provide independent and autonomous access for people with reduced mobility, allowing them to enter or exit a building without the need for outside assistance. This promotes people's autonomy and dignity, giving them greater freedom and confidence in their daily movements.
  • Maximum use of space: in most cases, intelligent entrances usually allow a better use of space. This makes it easier for people who use wheelchairs, walkers, etc. to pass through. By eliminating physical barriers, automatic doors allow a more fluid and comfortable circulation.
  • Increased safety: the automatic doors are equipped with operating accessories. This element, consisting of a motion and security sensor, prevents a door from closing abruptly or unexpectedly, taking the person by surprise. This reduces the risk of accidents, especially for those with mobility or vision difficulties.

Intelligent entrances for inclusion

Making access to a building or establishment equal for everyone is essential for creating and consolidating a better and more inclusive society. Manusa designs, manufactures, installs and maintains automatic doors in any type of sector, including retail, hospitality, healthcare, residential and office buildings. For this purpose, it has an extensive catalogue of intelligent entrances that cover all the architectural spaces of a building.

If you would like to install automatic doors to improve people's accessibility, contact Manusa. Our qualified team of professionals will study your case individually and define how to incorporate intelligent entrances to contribute to improving accessibility in your city.