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LED lights on automatic doors help retailers sell more at Christmas

puerta automatica luces led vidrio

Every year, the dates before and after 25 December are marked on the calendar of all shops, whether physical or electronic. These are days when the influx of customers and the number of sales increases exponentially due to the Christmas and Epiphany gifts. Many people want to give gifts and entertain family and friends and go to the shops to buy all kinds of presents.

Retail businesses decorate their physical shops in a variety of ways to attract potential customers walking down the street or through the wide aisles of the shopping centre. In many entrances of these shops there are Manusa automatic sliding doors installed, which can be customised in size, finish, profiles or glass... There is even the option of illuminating the leaf with LED lights.

This system attracts the attention of all the people who see the shop window and the doors of the premises. It gives the automatic sliding door a new dimension thanks to the engraving of special glass that illuminates the leaf thanks to a set of LED strips. The engraving can be done by matting, sandblasting or laser, making the design according to the specifications of each client.

This provides lighting effects that can be generated with different colours of light. Something really interesting to draw attention and decorate with Christmas motifs during these dates, as well as at other times of the year when you want to promote an offer or discounts on prices or advertise new products.

Personalised automatic doors with LED lights

If you want to give a touch of distinction to your business and install automatic sliding doors that incorporate LED lights, contact us now and we will inform you about the characteristics, price and other aspects. LED lights have low consumption and you will hardly notice their use on the electricity bill of the premises.

Moreover, Manusa's automatic doors increase energy efficiency, as they prevent sudden temperature changes due to the access being left open by carelessness and the interior air-conditioning of the commercial premises being lost.

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